Who am I?

Hi! Hello! Welcome to my blog! Nice to have you here! Now I know what you must be thinking, who is this person who is writing all of these weird posts about life and such and why should I read any of what they have put on here. Well technically you don’t have to read anything I’ve written, I’m not forcing you. But just because you are reading what I have written I tell you a bit about myself.

Let’s see who am I? Well I am a girl who just has a lot on her mind and I find that I don’t have many places to share all of my thoughts. You see the world is a place where people like me don’t get to speak our minds as much as we would like. In fact, I rarely speak my mind at all, so that’s why I’ve decided to create this. Let’s see basic information about me; music is my life, I love to create songs and such on my flute. I also love to listen to music, I listen to pretty much everything. I can solve a Rubik’s cube, and a handful of other twisty puzzles. And, oh yes I almost forgot to mention my name. My name is Angel and I hope you find my mind and thoughts fairly insightful.


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