There Is No Such Thing As Normal

As much as we believe something to be completely normal to us, it is viewed as out of the ordinary by someone else. On the flip side something we think is weird is normal to someone else. So is there really a such thing as normal then? The answer is no. Because whatever is normal to us gets cancelled out by the fact that it is weird to someone else, therefore it is considered weird. There is no normal, and just by realizing that fact good and bad things can occur.

First let’s talk about what happens if we don’t realize that fact aka the world now. There is a lot of judgement going around. Different things that are viewed as out of the ordinary to some people are being used to categorize the person doing them as weird or odd, in a bad way. They take the act that is being done and make it seem like it is the wrong thing to do. They think that their way of life is the only right way of life and if someone else doesn’t do life how they do it them they are considered an outsider. They find some way to pull the odd one out and almost distant them from the group because they do something that isn’t normally done by the people in the group. This occurs very often in the world today, in fact everyday people are being discriminated by doing something that seems normal to them but odd to everyone else.

And what happens to those who become the outsiders, they start to close themselves off to people and start to want to change things about themselves. They no longer accept themselves for who they are because it seems like no one else around them does. Some are lucky and meet someone else who accepts all of their “weirdness”, but no all are that lucky and to this day pretend to be who they are not because they just want to fit in and no longer be an outsider.

Now if we all realize that there is no normal this can be both a bad and a good thing. First how will it be a bad thing? Well if you were told that every little thing you are doing is weird, then you would start to question what is it that is weird about what you are doing. You’ll also question why you do this weird thing that you have considered to be normal to do for so long. You’ll start to doubt what you are doing as normal and start searching for the most “normal” things to do. But in this case there is no normal. Because there is no normal, our whole conception of what is normal and what is weird falls apart. Now there is no normal, so everything is weird. But even then would that mean everything is weird, or would that mean there is no weird either. Everything just is. But humans cannot live that way, so to save all of our brains from meltdown we will only take away the normal that never existed in the first place.

By having everyone realize that there is no normal this should make all judgement disappear and everyone should be more accepting of others because everyone is weird. Sure some may do different weird things, but if every little thing that we do is weird, then that makes our entire existence weird. Weird is no longer used as an insult, instead it is used as an accepting adjective of everything.

But since this is the world that we live in where people consider certain things normal and other things weird, weird is the better thing to be. Be as weird, odd, or as wacky as you’d like. Your weirdness is what makes you unique and fun to be around. If we were all the same then it would get very boring very quickly. So be happy that you are weird and different from people because it makes you who you are. And besides being normal is so boring. I am weird and I love being weird. I love that I have many weird friends and I’m glad that we’ve all accepted each other’s weirdness. So you do you and be weird. Don’t be normal like all the rest of the people around you, be that one that stands out and embrace the odd. And I am sure there are people who accept you and all of your wackiness you have to offer because I know I do!

Have an awesome day! You are weird and in all the best ways!



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