Does Life Have a Purpose?

What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? Is there even a purpose at all? Well yes and no.

The whole reason of life is to find a purpose. Now what might that purpose be you might ask? Well that is for you to decide for yourself. Only we can determine what our purpose in life is. However a purpose is not something to just declare, it is something that takes a lifetime to determine, which is why most people never discover their purpose in life. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t know your purpose of life and don’t let this lead you to believe that you have no reason to live. There is a major difference between life purpose and reason to live.

Reason to live is why you live and what you live for, while life purpose is why your life has been created. It is the reason for your life as a whole, for why you have been put on this Earth. You should not think of it as your reason to live but for the reason why you are here.

Determining your reason for living is much easier than finding your purpose. Your reason for living could be for someone else, or because you enjoy life, or because you desire to do something in life before you die. Of course there are many other reasons for living that I didn’t mention. If you ask yourself what is my reason for living and you can’t seem to find one, there is always one, it’s just hidden. Never assume that you have no reason to live, there is always at least one.

Now is there even a purpose at all, well it depends on the person. Like I said earlier most people never discover their purpose in life, but that doesn’t they had no purpose. According to them they had no purpose, but according to people surrounding them they did have a purpose. The person’s purpose was to somehow impact the life of those around them, which only the people they impacted can determine their purpose. To say this differently, someone can die not knowing what their life purpose was, but their family members and friends can say that their lives were changed by the one who has passed away.

I guess in a way our purpose in life is to find and complete our life’s purpose, and then unless we find another purpose to complete we die and pass on into where ever we might go when we die.

But then there is another side to all of this. There can actually be no life purpose. We could all just be on this Earth just to be here. There could be no reason for our existence as humans. Our life purpose could just be to live to die at the end of our life. This would explain why we have no idea what our life purpose is and why it is so hard to find. Because there isn’t one, there isn’t one set in stone for us, nor is there even an existing one waiting to be discovered.

So what can we do? We can create our own reasons for living. We can create our own life purpose with our goals and aspirations. We don’t have to let the life purpose be to die. Even if it something as simple as making someone else happy, that is your life purpose. We were all put here for a reason, a reason unknown to us. So instead of wasting our lives trying to figure out that reason, that life purpose. We can create our own, simply by choosing something we think would make us feel happy and satisfied to do.

“What is the purpose of life?” is often a question I would ask myself and I’ve come to the conclusion of there is no set answer to that question, Different people believe in different things and will tell you differently what the life purpose is, but what is written above is simple what I think, well it’s more like a few different perspective on it. There are always multiple way to look at different things and that what I try to do. Anyways I hope that my views of life purpose enlightened and fascinated you as much as it did me!

Have an awesome day! You are fantastic!



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