What Does “Show Off” Really Mean?

“Omgawd she’s such a show off!” Such are words that most people never want to hear about themselves, but is being called a show off really an insult?

When most people think of a show off they probably think of someone who is so full of themselves and thinks that they are the best. And no only do they think they are the best, but they also want to shove how good they are into everyone else’s faces. They think so highly of themselves that they feel the need to let everyone else know that they are in fact better then all of them and they have deemed themselves the best at whatever skill. This is generally what most people, even you, think of when they hear the word “show off”.

But of course with every negative view of something there is always a positive side of it. While calling someone a “show off” can be viewed as an insult towards them, or it can be calling them out on their cockiness, it can also be a compliment.

A “show off” in a positive light is once someone gets to the point where they are confident enough to demonstrate a skill they have learned then they show off what they know. Thy showcase themselves and let others see what they can do. They might not think that they are the best at it but they have worked hard enough to be proud of what they have accomplished.

However, because the word “show off” is often used in such a negative light not many people take it as a compliment. There are other words that can be used to describe someone who is so full of themselves, for example, cocky, or attention hog, or even atrociously overconfident. But instead we use the word “show off”, which should not have as much of a negative meaning behind it as it does.

It’s the way the human mind works where we are told the meaning of a word and we keep that as the meaning instead of looking for different ways to explain it. We are too accepting of what we are told and need to develop different perspectives on even the smallest things. This is of course a bigger topic for a later blog so I will touch more on it later. Anyways I hope this has enlightened you on the flip side of “show off”.

Have an awesome day! You are great!



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